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Taking to the streets 2:strike action in Johannesburg

Johannesburg CBD has seen upheavals and disruptions this week with striking SAMWU workers overturning rubbish bins and scattering the trash on the streets.  While the strike for low wages is legitimate, there has been severe criticism of the unruly behaviour of some strikers.  Redi Direko, one of 702’s talk show hosts, used words to the effect […]

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Walk the talk: 50,000 Joburgers take to the streets

Yesterday, Joburger’s took to the streets in force: 702’s Walk the Talk saw 50,000 people enter the various events: 5km, 8km, 21 km and 30 km.  For those doing the 30km race it was bitterly cold (0°) at the race start at 7.30 am, but temperatures warmed up during the day to a high of 16°. A U.K. […]

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New multi-use arts hub in the east of Joburg’s inner city

Having missed the opening on the 4th July of Arts On Main I moseyed off to visit it last week-end.  Located in Main Street at the corner of Bertha St, the only giveaway from the street of this newly renovated industrial space, is the pavement upgrades. The 1911 building was originally part of the D.F. Corlett […]

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TGIF at Giles: it pumps on a Friday

Giles restaurant and pub (4 blocks from Liz at Lancaster at corner Grafton and Buckingham Aves in Craighall Park) has become the latest meeting spot to unwind on a Friday after the week’s work. Cars line the streets in all directions (from lunch time onwards) and the pub and deck are packed with patrons overflowing  onto […]

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A little known memorial in Soweto

Kim Miller, assistant professor of women’s studies and art history at Wheaton College in the States, is currently researching visual representations of women political activists in South Africa both during and after the struggle against apartheid.  When in Johannesburg on her research trips, Kim stays at Liz at Lancaster Guest House.  Wanting to track down […]

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