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Fifty two weekly things to do and see in Joburg

Adi –  compiles a weekly newsletter that focuses on a  Joburg event for the week.  He’s had some great write-ups. This is newsletter 6 FiftyTwo:6  This week’s pick: Codfather Village Outdoor Event Genre: Social culinary experience What: On the 27 March an all day social do will take place at the Codfather Village. A […]

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Tobias at 84 – still sharp, witty and engaging

 Chris Thurman enagaged in conversation with Prof Philip Tobias world-renowned paleo-anthroplogist at the Boekehuis this Saturday.  In addition to his ground breaking work with hominids, Tobias has also been very influential as an anatomist, a geneticist, is an expert on medic-legal ethics and  … is a keen lover of cricket!  With a twinking eye and a razor sharp sense of humour […]

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