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To change attitude you need to change behaviour first: why a visit to South Africa will hopefully change perceptions

Open letter to our foreign media friends From Peter Davies 09/06/2010 Dear World Cup visitors, Now that you are safely in our country you are no doubt happily realising you are not in a war zone. This may be in stark contrast to what you have been bracing yourself for should you have listened to […]

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The highs and lows of day 1 of the World Cup, especially traffic issues

World Cup Soccer first day The event that we have all been waiting for since the announcement in 2005 is finally here … and despite some serious traffic and transport hitches, it all went well on the FIRST big day.  Lots of hoarse voices amongst Safricans today as well as much babelaas.  See ! Traffic issues For […]

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Gotta love the cheek and humour of South African advertising. See Nando’s latest

NANDO’S CHEEKY HUMOUR Nando’s have long been known for their topical ads whose cheeky and often subversive humour poke fun and  ruffle feathers (an appropriate analogy for a fast food restaurant  chain specializing in chicken).  Their latest one is another classic: Free Nando’s for Mexico – if they lose Prior to yesterday’s game, Nando’s  was offering the Mexican football team […]

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Ke Nako: the time is now Laduuuuuuma!

 Opening match excitement The time is now … excitement is palpable here at Liz at Lancaster …  Can you feel it.  First sound this morning I heard was vuvuzelas. Get your ear plugs  out …. !!      Dogs have their SA Bandannas, my son came to get some bincoluars on the way to the […]

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Fan Fests, Public Viewing Areas and Township TVs … if you haven’t got tickets to the games

FAN FESTS WORLD CUP SOCCER 2010 Two FIFA Fan Fests™ will be held in Johannesburg.  There is free entrance;  all matches are broadcast live . There are high quality giant screens. The FIFA Fan Fest™ is an all day event .Prior to and after matches, the stage/screen is used for entertainment programmes.  Food, beverage and Official […]

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