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Representations are not the ‘real’ animate 3 dimensional living person/body part

Missing the point of representation: the controversy around Brett Murray’s Spear of the Nation  I’m not going to go into the background to this work – there is lots available on-line .                   I have currently not had time and focus to follow this debate in any depth but […]

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JAG comes alive with an impressive exhibition of prints: ‘Coming of Age 21 Years of Artist Proof Studio’

Coming of Age opens at the Johannesburg Art Gallery I haven’t been to an exhibition at the Joburg Art Gallery for ages –  somehow JAG’s PR doesn’t market its events successfully (suffering from the City Council’s budgetary woes?).  So to go to the opening event on Sunday 6th May and see the Gallery literally bursting at the seams with both people […]

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A contemporary take on Coriolanus – also showing at Cinema Nouveau, Rosebank

Coriolanus at Cinema Nouveau With 3 or 4 screenings a  day there is still time to see Coriolanus before it goes of circuit. Ralph Fiennes contemporary production has been called ‘the thinking person’s action movie’. Peter Bradshaw of  The Guardian writes: ‘Ralph Fiennes’s intelligent take on an unloved Shakespeare links it not only to the 1990s Balkans, [much of it […]

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Phantom is a tour de force – on until 3rd June

Phantom of the Opera – World Class A few weeks ago a guest staying at Liz at Lancaster & who is a musical-aholic, told me he had seen ‘Phantom of the Opera’ SEVENTEEN times – in NY, London and now the night before at Monte Casino, his 2nd time in SA. And he thought it […]

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Like Pooh Bear, I have searched for the perfect honey pot …

Liz at Lancaster‘s natural honey Pooh Bear had his honey pot,  but Liz’s search for the perfect honey has been far more complicated. Several years ago at a farm stall whose location, let alone its name, I have long since forgotten, I found some special honey. What really caught my eye – apart from the […]

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