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Even if you are 2 years old , there is lots to do around Liz at Lancaster

Guests at Liz at Lancaster have a small (completely adorable) 2 year old.  He is very sociable and wants to socialize with persons who have the same interests (like us all!) and because his parents are only here in SA  for 2 months or so, they cannot enroll him in a creche.  While there is […]

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Beautiful beads – exquisite, seductive and addictive

  Necklaces are my thing … so when Joni Brenner started working with Marigold Bead Collective and brought their wonderful products down to South Africa from Zimbabwe, I was in heaven.  Joni, a well known Johannesburg-based artist, has a fine eye for the aesthetic and the exquisite and when her eye for the beautiful met […]

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Johannesburg’s urban forest is home to wonderful bird-life

    Because of Johannesburg’s extraordinary number of trees it has developed its own micro-climate and this, together with the number of green lungs in the form of golf courses and parks, as well as the abundance of food and nesting opportunities in the leafy suburbs, has attracted an increasingly varied bird life to the […]

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The largest second hand bookstore (011 334 6556) in the Southern hemisphere in inner city Jozi

TO GET HOLD OF COLLECTORS’ TREASURY PHONE 011 334 6556 and please tell them how you got hold of their details – thank you!   I’m a sucker for second hand bookshops, actually I’m a sucker for bookshops, period. But if you want a real experience visit the Collectors’ Treasury in Commissioner St in Joburg’s […]

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