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More on South Africa’s ’12th official language’

SA’s 12th official language: sign language to catch a minibus taxi   A couple of years back I wrote  a blog  about using minibus taxis to get around Joburg and the kind of local knowledge that is required to do so.  I included an image of the cover of Susan Woolf’s book of taxi signs […]

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Liz at Lancaster has AA Quality Assured Superior badge renewed

AA Superior Quality Assured grading renewed Our AA assessor gave a glowing report after her annual visit to assess us for the AA Quality Assured Accommodation . Here are some excerpts for her report: Following their 2012 Certificate of Excellent, Liz at Lancaster has just been awarded a Winner of Trip Advisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards […]

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Customer loyalty is all !

Why Liz at Lancaster? Guest feedback A repeat guest who comes out with an international law delegation chooses to  stay here at Liz at Lancaster rather than with his colleagues at a 5 star hotel in Sandton. When he booked again I thanked him as always for his loyalty to us. His reply was:  ‘A […]

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An iconic sculpture of an iconic man

Mandela capture site with Marco Cianfanelli’s sculpture     I have had the privilege of knowing Marco Cianfanelli since he was a Fine Arts and Art History student at Wits many years back and have followed his career with great interest. I was of course well aware of his monumental sculpture of Mandela constructed at the […]

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Each season brings new colour to the garden

Liz at Lancaster’s winter garden   Although our oak tree (which is the origin of Liz at Lancaster’s acorn logo) is dropping leaves at an alarming rate causing Thandie, Zac, Alick and Catherine the Sisyphian task of never-ending leaf sweeping , other plants are in full bloom.       Our  indigenous pavement garden has […]

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