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It might not be the Comrades but Bruce was there!

Delta Parkrun Saturdays at 8 With only 3 of us ‘on duty’ over a week-end at Liz at Lancaster, instead of the usual 4, I often miss the Parkrun in Delta Park on a Saturday morning.  It starts at 8 which usually clashes with breakfasts and preparing of invoices for check-out. I’m always sad when […]

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2016: The Year of the Fossil

MUST- SEE JOZI SITE – CRADLE OF HUMANKIND Guests who stayed at Liz at Lancaster recently visited Origins Museum and Sterkfontein out in the Cradle and came back full of excitement about our rich hominid history. I told them how I am constantly amazed at the opportunities we have in South Africa to explore our […]

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A Johannesburg Victorian jewel in the midst of high rise flatland – the Windybrow

Jozi heritage site: Windybrow A few monhts ago I set off to Doornfontein on the edge of Hillbrow, to join a tour of the revamped and restored building which I used to know as the Windybrow Theatre. (My source of all that is really new and happening within the city is often Laurice Taitz of […]

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Kliptown: the forgotten stepchild of Soweto

Kliptown: Soweto’s Cinderella I wrote last year about the SKY (Soweto Kliptown Youth) Foundation and Mighty  Evolution  Kids Nursery Preschool. (Both are located to the west of the railway line. SKY shown as Kliptown Youth Program on the map below). I spoke about the amazing tenacity of community members and their will to do the […]

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Chinese New Year in Jozi 28th, 29th Jan & 4th Feb 2017

Chinese New Year 2017?    For many who don’t know the history and context of Chinese New Year it seems to be a never-ending movable feast of celebrations taking place over several week-ends. In 2017 Chinese New Year falls on 29th January and festivities will be held at the Nan Hua Buddhist temple in Bronkorstpruit on […]

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