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Watch the evening sky over the next couple of weeks

  Mercury and Venus in the night sky Watch Mercury overtaking Venus early evenings this week.   As it starts to get dark, look over to the west for the very bright “evening star” – Venus.  Venus is so bright it can be seen in twilight. As the earth turns you will see:  Mercury appearing as a […]

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Mark Gevisser on representing South Africanness

Mark Gevisser – always an excellent read Mark Gevisser wrote about South African identity in both the build up to the World Cup  Cup  as well as after the final whistle had been blown: . See his latest take  on what it means to be a South African in late 2010: by

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Soccer works its magic again

Local Game at Soccer City Two Australian guests staying here at Liz at Lancaster were determined to see Soccer City and to experience a local game. The Chiefs/Pirates match on Saturday night gave them the perfect opportunity.  They booked their tickets and set off to Soweto, Richard supporting the Chiefs and Pippa wearing a Pirates bandanna.  […]

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A World Cup viewing experience like no other SA Good News Newsletter # 267 | 29 June 2010

SA The Good News By Azure Janneker – SAB and Steuart Pennington – SA Good News “I’ve been to Soccer City and the Innes Free Fan Park, but I’m going to watch the next game at a Castle Kingdom tavern in one of the townships.” “A what?”   “A Castle Kingdom…you know, the true personification of […]

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More positive views on South Africa: Speech by Christo Wiese

Christo Wiese on South Africa in 2010 This is a speech delivered in May 2010 by Dr Christo Wiese, Director of Primedia and Chairman of Shoprite Holdings A few years ago I read a very interesting book, by a Lebanese writer, one Taleb, titled the Black Swan. By now, I am sure, we’ve all heard […]

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