Each season brings new colour to the garden

Liz at Lancaster’s winter garden


Although our oak tree (which is the origin of Liz at Lancaster’s acorn logo) is dropping leaves at an alarming rate causing Thandie, Zac, Alick and Catherine the Sisyphian task of never-ending leaf sweeping , other plants are in full bloom.





Euphorbia’s flame fingers. Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

Aloes and strelitzias

Aloes and strelitzias Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

Our  indigenous pavement garden has wonderful colour accents with the  flame fingers of the Euphorbia , the warm brick red of the aloes which are just coming into bloom, and the wonderful purple and orange complementary colours of the Strelitzia.






Arums and self-seeded primulas

Arums and self-seeded primulas Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse


Arums are in full bloom and the self-seeded primulas have sprung up in between the peace-in- the-home on the path next to the bird feeder.


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