Escape to the country – only 5 blocks from Liz at Lancaster

Delta Café – a gem 5 blocks from Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

And socialized dogs are welcome Liz at Lancaster
Such a popular venue with cyclists over week-ends

Autumn is a poignant time for some with the falling leaves, russet colours and crisp morning air signaling somehow the start of the bleaker winter months to come. Plus the passing of yet another summer which, like all summers, never seemed quite long enough.  But the lushness after the much-needed late rains and the sparkling washed greens and clear blue skies, also make this one of the most beautiful times of the year.  So to go to Delta Café for breakfast over the Easter week-end was a treat. A mere 5 blocks from Liz at Lancaster, it’s a gentle  little oasis in this fast paced city.

It’s a firm favourite with cyclists Liz at Lancaster

Nestled between the local nursery Colourful Splendour and the Braamfontein Spruit running through Delta Park, it has a country feel to it and it’s only 5 blocks from Liz at Lancaster. There’s a basic jungle gym for children, dogs are welcomed and it’s a favourite with cyclists. Did you know that in 2013 the Braamfontein Spruit was voted the top of the 10 best top city cycle routes in the world?

So … One couldn’t ask for much more than to sit under dappled shade on a lovely deck,  enjoy simple satisfying food in a gentle peaceful atmosphere.  Kids can work off some energy on the jungle gym before tucking into boiled eggs and soldier-toast, dogs can quench their thirst with water bowls provided, and adults can kick back and enjoy the wholesome fare and soak in the peace. If you want to escape the hurly-burly freneticism of enclosed Mall eating or the convertible and sunglasses pavement-café culture – this is your place. It’s a haven of rustic charm.
Delta Cafe 3

Pick of the week from
Pick of the week from Liz at Lancaster

And owner Daniel has even built a little wooden booth waiting area.


When we were there we even heard the horses whinny – how’s that for a rural feel!

So all this explains why it’s my PICK OF THE WEEK this week.

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