Joburg the best base for 2010 soccer

Joburg is definitely the place for soccer fans and TV crews to base themselves for the 2010 World Cup. Of the 63 matches, 15 are in Joburg – either ar Ellis Park or Soccer City. In addition to these, 6 matches are in Pretoria (58 km/36 miles) and 6 are in Rustenberg (165km/102 miles).  And there are three more cities all under 400 km from Joburg where a further14 matches will be played: 4 in Polokwane (331 km/205 miles), 4 in Nelspruit (355km/220 miles) and 6 in Bloemfontein (398km/247 miles).  With normal traffic on our excellent national roads, Bloemfontein is a 4 hour drive max.  This means that every day from 11th June to 3rd July (except for 30th June and 1st July when there are no matches being held anywhere), there is a match in Joburg or within 4 hours of Johannesburg.  So out of the 63 matches 41 are within 4 hours of Jburg (65%)  and with Durban being a driveable distance of 588 km/365 miles, even the 4 matches here are accessible from Joburg.  Plus we have 2 of the quarter finals and of course the big one on the 11th July.  And Gauteng is the favoured place for the teams to locate their base camps. See blog of 10 Dec Where have 2010 soccer teams chosen to locate their base camps?

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