I missed it last time round and am determined not to do so again

Craig Higginson’s  The Girl in the Yellow Dress  returns to the Market Theatre on 27th Sept.  It is described in the press release as ‘part psychological thriller and part a State of the Nation analysis’.  The synposis continues: ‘It is set in contemporary Paris and deals with the exchanges between Celia, a beautiful English teacher in her late twenties, and Pierre, her younger French-Congolese pupil. Brimming with humour, rage and longing, this internationally celebrated South African play provides a minute exploration of an increasingly hazardous romantic entanglement and an insight into some of the tensions between the ‘first’ and ‘third’ worlds. 

It had rave reviews so will definitely not miss it this time.

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Mary Wafer’s exhibition ‘Countermeasures’ opens at David Krut Jan Smuts Ave Joburg 15th September

The 2005 power blackouts which swept Johannesburg generated a sense of anxiety and unease on many levels. Drawing on this disquiet, as well as on the ghostly evocativeness of the dark nightscapes, Mary Wafer found material for her current exhibition.  The sense of unpredictablity which the blackouts brought, filtered into her painting  in the form of urban building interiors imbued with ‘a sense of the sinister’.    Exhibition closes 23rd October


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September sees the Johannesburg Shopping Festival 17-25 Sept









The Johannesburg Shopping Festival (JSF) is designed to promote the city’s status as the African continent’s premier destination for retail and wholesale shopping.   In 2011 the JSF will take place from 17 to 25 September in Rosebank, the Inner City of Johannesburg, Bryanston Organic & Nature Market and Woodmead.

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