Forde’s biography of Malema and the closing of Boekehuis

Yesterday Boekehuis hosted Mark Gevisser, Mbeki’s biographer, in conversation with Fiona Forde, Malema’s biographer. Mark engaged Fiona to expand on some of the issues raised in her biography of Malema: ‘An Inconvenient Youth’. An informed, informative, measured and fascinating interchange followed. Forde’s take is that it is not over till the fat man sings, (my label for Malema not hers), it’s all about internal Party politics and the succession battle in the ANC, and the party/Party continues in carnivalesque mode with no discipline in the ANC and an ethos (or non-ethos) of ‘anything goes’. Very sobering but completely rivetting. And shockingly in the midst of all this broader national turmoil, it seems that Media 24 is pulling the rug on Boekehuis and it will soon close down. This extraordinary venue has become an institution in Jozi’s vibrant cultural sceme. It has provided a much needed space for critical debate and an informed exchange of ideas outside the sometimes restrictive and elite framework of academe and tertiary institutions. It will be a very sad day if this extraordinary intellectual and cultural beacon closes, one which has been a showcase of critical engagement for its holding company Media 24.

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3 restaurants in the Parks Region scoop Eat Out 2011 Awards

The nationwide winners of the 2011 Eat Out DStv Food Network Restaurant Awards were announced last night. Congratulations to 3 restaurants in the Parks Region who scooped awards. –

  • Best steakhouse countrywide: The Local Grill Parktown North
  • The City Press ViP Sunday Breakfast Award: The Salvation Cafe 44 Stanley Ave
  • no 7 in Best Restaurants nationwide D-W 11-13, Dunkeld Square (All other 9 restaurants in the top 10 were in the Cape.)

D-W 11-13 is 5 blocks from Liz at Lancaster, Parktown North is adjacent to Craighall Park. 44 Stanley is 10 minutes from Liz at Lancaster.

For the full list see

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[Nothing] To Do in Joburg [Besides] writes on public art in Central Joburg

Laurice Taitz is one of Jozi’s champions, particularly of the inner city.  Here she writes about some of the public artworks among the 50 odd sites around Johannesburg.  Her anecdote about a man coming up to her near Diagonal Street and begging her to take him to America,  speaks volumes.  His assumption that she must be American as only foreigners and not local South Africans are interested in the inner city, is a sad inditement indeed.   For the full article see: Laurice then offers 4 options for a snack break along the way.

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