A speciality store with 23 000 titles right here in Craighall Park





Four blocks from Liz at Lancaster is the well-known Video Spot in the The Colony, 345 Jan Smuts Avenue  Tel: 011 447 1401 .   Their selection of movies is amazing – from the latest releases to golden oldies, British crime and detective series and arthouse movies.  Customers come from all over Joburg to the Video Spot as the selection is so wide and varied. For a write up on The Video Spot see   ttp://www.jhblive.com/reviews/shops/the_ultimate_video_spot/86466

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Responses to curator Ricky Burnett’s latest show, ‘Horse’, have been mixed

Praised for being accessible and criticized for being too superficial,  Ricky Burnett’s show has certainly generated feet through the door of the Everard Read gallery. I like what he says about the over-intellectualization of the visual image:  “If you need to read four books to get to an exhibition, someone has their value system back to front. You should get to the exhibition and want to read four books.”    For more on this show see Lisa Van wyks piece in the Mail and Guardian http://mg.co.za/article/2011-10-06-curating-101-bringing-magic-to-a-room

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Rave reviews for DW 11-13, only 4 blocks from Liz at Lancaster

More on a top class restaurant around the corner from Liz at Lancaster. ….   Sadly another bug in my Word Press meant that my previous post on DW 11-13 (posted 12 Feb 2011) cannot be accessed.  I wrote :  I have 2 ‘foodie’ guests who come across from Pretoria to sample Jozi’s best restaurants.  They have been so knocked out by D-W 11-13, voted in the top 20 restaurants in South Africa, that they came back for more last week.  The restaurant is just around the corner at No 11-13, Dunkeld West shopping centre – hence the restaurant name DW 11-13.    Linda Stafford gives another rave review on today’s Business Day:. See  http://www.fm.co.za/Article.aspx?id=155298

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