Beautiful lamps and paintings will provide a visual treat

One of Adam Hoets’ designer lamps seen against a Caro Allum abstract painting








A collaborative exhibition of  lighting designs by Adam Hoets of Willowlamp and abstract paintings by contemporary abstract artist Caro Allum runs from 18th—20th November at  Arts on Main – opening night Friday 18th November. The two artists’ work  – Hoets’  designs inspired by his study of nature and sacred geometry, and Caro’s bold abstractions, promise to be a powerful, daring and stunningly beautiful combination.  What a treat in store !

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Several new exhibitions open as we reach the end of 2011

Two very different exhibitions are those showing the works of  Willie Saayman and Robyn Penn.  Penn’s exhibition Pretty World opens at David Krut at Arts on Main on Thurs 17 Nov (6.30 pm).  Penn draws on the tradition of Romantic landscape painting (particularly the German Romantics) and clouds are often her subject matter. This seemingly celebratory approach to nature’s sublime imagery is ironically subverted with references in her titles to the dropping of atom bombs – a low point in humankind’s development.

Willie Saayman’s The Wrong Pills draws on very different tradition – that of outsider art. Making reference to graffiti, children’s art, skater culture and graphic novels, Saayman overturns traditional painting conventions and re-visits Modernist ideas of primitivism and immediacy of expression.  Saayman’s exhibition opens at AOP 44 Stanley Ave this Saturday 12th Nov at 2 pm. The exhibition runs until 3rd December.

Also opening Thursday 17th at In Toto Gallery 66 St Andrews St Birdhaven is Kreh Mellick’s Wolf Mother and Tales of the Impromptu Circus.  I don’t know her work but she  exhibited in London earlier this year. In these images stylized figures are developed with swirling motifs and abstract designs. The exhibition runs until the 12th December.

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Sat 26 Nov:Here’s your chance to catch up with the changes in Braamfontein


Interesting to compare this pic taken when the sculpture was first installed to how it looks today. The plants have grown and it looks more settled in the urban landscape.

Have posted before on what is new and happening in Braamfontein. The ‘Renaissance’ includes: the Neighbourhood Goods Market , the South Point building refurbishments for urban accommodation (sorely needed for Wits students), and the public art,  starting with Van den Berg’s iconic Eland marking the entry into Braamies from the north and including the quirky metal trees that dot the pavements (See

There is an opportunty to see all these new developments with a walking tour lead by Alex Parker and Clare Eisenstein of the Parktown Westcliff  Heritage Trust on Saturday 26th November.  The tour starts at 9.30. Meet at the Holy Trinity Church, 16 Siemens Street, Braamfontein  (diagonally opposite the Eland). NB if you park there cars will have to be moved not later than 1.00 pm because there is a wedding taking place that afternoon.

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