Strains of Scotland the Brave grace the suburb of Craighall Park

Piper 1 compressedPiper at Lizatlancaster

             Our young neighbours were transported back to their wedding day when they awoke a couple of weeks back to the hauntingly evocative strains of the bagpipes wafting from our garden. All thanks to a special birthday celebration.  

Recently we were lucky enough to host two families who were celebrating their Dad’s 90th birthday.  Joanne and her husband Michael came from the States, Tracey and her 2 daughters live here in Joburg and the birthday boy and his wife flew up from Knysna.   With Harry being of Scottish extract, Tracey and Joanne decided to make his birthday breakfast extra special by arranging a Scottish piper to pipe him into breakfast. This is why a couple of weeks ago, Craighall Park awoke to the gorgeously evocative strains of Scotland the Brave.  What a privilege to be on the periphery of the excitement during this emotional day, and to be able to share the celebratory joy of such an extraordinary milestone.  And pictures don’t lie – Harry doesn’t look or act a day over 70! A lovely occasion and a wonderful family. We are privileged to have these kinds of encounters and establish relationships with guests like these.  Thank you all for coming to stay with us here at Liz at Lancaster. 

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