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‘A flurry of community’: reflections on the 2010 World Cup in South Africa

                    The reports on South Africa’s hosting of the World Cup coming in from all over the world are overwhelmingly positive  with certain common threads weaving through most of the responses. The substance of most articles is celebratory – describing the connections made across race and […]

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To be truly tourist friendly Joburg needs to solve its public transport problems

Improvement in Joburg’s public transport infrastructure is crucial Mail and Guardian (June 18-24; Vol 26 no 23 p 12)) ran an article by Duduzile Mathebula entitled ‘We love you South Africa – World Cup tourists give the country the thumbs up but public transport is a major gripe’. It seems that most of the foreign […]

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Soak in the vibe at Melrose Arch big screening of the soccer

Melrose Arch Fan Park Braved the cold last night and went to Melrose Arch to watch Bafana Bafana.     Of course disappointed with result but we were always expecting a tough match with Uruguay and never expecting Bafana with their ranking, to perform miracles. So let’s keep up the positive vibe and energy, hope that […]

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The highs and lows of day 1 of the World Cup, especially traffic issues

World Cup Soccer first day The event that we have all been waiting for since the announcement in 2005 is finally here … and despite some serious traffic and transport hitches, it all went well on the FIRST big day.  Lots of hoarse voices amongst Safricans today as well as much babelaas.  See http://www.lizatlancaster.co.za/blog/talk-the-talk-a-z-of-south-african-slang ! Traffic issues For […]

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Ke Nako: the time is now Laduuuuuuma!

 Opening match excitement The time is now … excitement is palpable here at Liz at Lancaster …  Can you feel it.  First sound this morning I heard was vuvuzelas. Get your ear plugs  out …. !!      Dogs have their SA Bandannas, my son came to get some bincoluars on the way to the […]

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