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Representations are not the ‘real’ animate 3 dimensional living person/body part

Missing the point of representation: the controversy around Brett Murray’s Spear of the Nation  I’m not going to go into the background to this work – there is lots available on-line .                   I have currently not had time and focus to follow this debate in any depth but […]

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Economic benefits of the World Cup

It will take three to five years to see the economic benefits of the World Cup, a Human Sciences Research Council academic says. However, it was too early to tell how great these benefits would be, said Dr Udesh Pillay, head of research on service delivery at the HSRC. He added that the economic benefits […]

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WC Final most watched soccer game in US history

The World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands was the most-watched football game in US television history, drawing 24.3 million viewers, said Nielsen. According to a report on the IoL site, the final on the ABC network and Spanish-language Univision outdrew the June 26 US-Ghana match, which attracted 19.4 million viewers, and the 18.1 […]

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John Carlin on the World Cup and how far South Africans have advanced

John Carlin, the author of ’Playing the Enemy’, says all those stories, promoted by FIFA, among others, about the World Cup being the 1995 rugby World Cup all over again, about healing racial wounds, uniting the fractured nation and so forth, were off the mark. ’It was much, much better than that. What we saw […]

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‘A flurry of community’: reflections on the 2010 World Cup in South Africa

                    The reports on South Africa’s hosting of the World Cup coming in from all over the world are overwhelmingly positive  with certain common threads weaving through most of the responses. The substance of most articles is celebratory – describing the connections made across race and […]

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