Tobias at 84 – still sharp, witty and engaging

 Philip Tobias : Giant in the field of paleo-anthropology

A considered man Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

Chris Thurman enagaged in conversation with Prof Philip Tobias world-renowned paleo-anthroplogist at the Boekehuis this Saturday.  In addition to his ground breaking work with hominids, Tobias has also been very influential as an anatomist, a geneticist, is an expert on medic-legal ethics and  … is a keen lover of cricket!  With a twinking eye and a razor sharp sense of humour and irony, Tobias spoke about the background to a book on his life published in 2008:  Tobias in Converstion Genes Fossils and Anthropology .  The first part of Tobias’  autobiography Into the Past A Memoir was published in 2005. Tobias is currently working on the 2nd part of his life .. from the age of 40 onwards.   A remarkable record of a remarkable man.

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