2017/2018: Live HD screening season of the NY Met Opera is here again.

The 2017/2018 New York Met Opera season has just started and with it of course are the worldwide live screenings of the operas. Opera fans battle to get information on the local screenings at Cinema Nouveau, Rosebank  as Sterkinekor no longer has a dedicated section/page for the opera season on their website. There have been lots of navigation problems since they changed their website some time ago … real example of …  “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”  This means the full programme is not available on-line. Many people have found previous Liz at Lancaster blogs on the HD live screenings of past opera seasons and so Liz has become the go-to person for this information!! Ster-Kinekor should pay me for my PR!  Liz has managed to get the 2017/18 programme although unfortunately Bellini’s Norma has  already been and gone.  

BUT the next one is the Magic Flute – a spectacular production apparently, directed by Julie Taymor. And best of all is that South Africa Golda Schultz, takes the part of Pamina. No less illustrious a publication than the New York Times says of her performance that ‘the true star of “Flute” is Pamina, her voice bouyant yet substantial, creamy but not never heavy’. Praise indeed!
















But look at all the other fabulous ones coming up.  If Cinema Nouveau (Ster Kinekor) at the Rosebank Mall don’t change their screening times, the dates and times Liz has drawn up above should be correct.  So enjoy! It is always such a treat.  

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