A new kid on the block: Parkhurst Square’s clock tower is set to become a landmark

Parkhurst Square opens

Newly opened Parkhurst Square 4th Ave Parkhurst Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

The new Parkhurst Square has opened.  Designed by Sheldon Bakos of Integrale Architects, it is set to revitalize the northern end of 4th Ave.  Although it is a three storey building which is a little out of keeping with the single storey converted houses along the rest of the street, the building is aesthetically pleasing with its sensitive use of materials:  timber, face-brick and a wonderful stone clad clock tower.  According to Bakos it is designed with ‘green’ principles in mind which is an added bonus – appealing and functional.

Melissa’s has been a major draw-card since it opened last week, and there are several other restaurants which will add further choice to 4th Ave as a meeting, eating and dining destination.

Also located at Parkhurst Square is Simply Asia (074 870 2506), Coobs Bistro (011 447 0710) and a chain steak house restaurant from the past – Squires Loft,  (011 025 8725) so popular in the late 1970s and early 80s.   Also great news – there is underground basement parking which should help alleviate the demand for street parking and avoid City Council’s paid parking bays (arising from an unpopular and flawed decision taken without any consultation.)



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