A sign in a rubbish bin!

Was this a message in a garbage can?

Liz at Lancaster has just received a new batch of house wine: a cabernet sauvignon/merlot  red from Stellenbosch and a Chenin blanc white.  These are very drinkable wines at reasonable prices R52 a bottle for the red and R45 for the white.

Recently, we had guests who were off to Kruger after staying here and asked if they could take a bottle of our house wine when they left. Of course we were delighted to oblige. We didn’t know how the story would end though.

We had guests who arrived some time afterwards having come from Kruger. When they saw our house wines they beamed and said:

‘You won’t guess what happened to us . We opened a rubbish bin when we arrived at the Kruger exit to throw away all the stuff that had accumulated in the car and there on the top was a bottle (empty!) of Liz at Lancaster’s house wine. As you were our next stop, we felt this was a sign.!’

We are delighted that our house wines are so well travelled!

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