A typical week-end morning in Delta Park

If written LOTS about Delta Park so for once …. few words. Rather some pics only from a glorious walk along the Spruit this morning. I skipped the Park Run (in my case Park Walk) and decided to make my way along the Spruit banks and enjoy the water birds


So many smells
Time to reflect

Bikers delight – all ages out for the ride
Picnic in the Park
Horse jumps for riding lessons  
Horses in the day paddocks along the Spruit
Honing mountain bike skills. The cycle route along the Braamfontein Spruit has been recognized by UK readers of the Guardian as  no 1 of 10 best city cycle routes.  How’s that for high praise?
Independent Church Baptism – keeping a respectful distance
Remains of Rattray’s dam in the early days of Craighall Park
Women picking morogo (wild spinach)
Catching up on the rocks of the Spruit under the watchful eyes of 2 cats
Reflections in a shallow pool on the concrete circle used by independent churches for their Sunday worship
Sadly there is always some anti-social person who disrespects public space
But I don’t want to spoil a glorious morning ending on a negative note
Was it my imagination or did the pace pick up as as people got closer to Delta Cafe at the end of their walk?

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