A winter’s day in the life of Lewis at Lancaster

This post is for those guests for whom Lewis is the most important person at the guesthouse and we all know that all cat’s are 4 legged purring people – and royal ones at that. But especially for Milly, for Little Lebo and for Caitlin!   

You might have to get your day started Liz, but I am not ready yet
Catch the early morning rays from the east
Sorry for you, this chair is taken – find your own warm space
Somebody has to oversee the admin
No, I do NOT work during my tea-break
Time for a post-prandial nap in the fresh air
The “dining room” is a perfect late afternoon suntrap
Evenings are so boring when she plays bridge. How many times do I have to tell her that you can’t open in second position with only 10 points?  
Do you know the best thing about Liz at Lancaster? The under-tile heating in the bathrooms
Another exhausting day at Liz at Lancaster. Good night all. 




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One thought on “A winter’s day in the life of Lewis at Lancaster

  1. Lewis is a beautiful boy. He is doing his bit by making your guesthouse look homely and welcoming.

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