Ann Gollifer and Judelman exhibitions open at Circa Gallery on 14th June

Gollifer’s Living on the Horizon at Circa on Jellicoe till 9 July

Ann Gollifer’s works exhibition Living on the Horizon is a tribute to the novelist Bessie Head and comprises a new series of large format paintings dealing with colour, space and expansiveness. Gollifer writes: ‘I wanted to make landscapes that might capture the Botswana skies and my long love affair with the horizon, revealed to me over the past 35 years. Bessie Head was beginning work on her autobiography when she died at the age of 48, in Serowe, in 1986. She wanted to call it ´Living on an horizon’.

Ronit Judelman’s exhibition entitled Weapons of Mass Destruction is a social commentary on issues around current wars.   Her work consists of resin sculptures of children’s toys, things usually associated with play and innocence,  which she  subverts and injects with a sense of destruction and aggression.  So this is an body of work with a completely different tone and theme from Gollifer’s.

Exhibitions close on 9th July. Circa Gallery open daily from Tuesday to Saturday 011 788 4805

Liz at Lancaster is less than 3 km from Circa and is a nice week-end walk.


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