Book for theatre shows in Joburg for your visit in 2010

Events and Shows 2010

There a few shows in Joburg next year which, if you are going to be here when they are on, are well worth booking for.

  • Elton John will have an open air concert of  ‘Under African Skies’ at the Emmerentia Botanical Gardens on 21st March. Tickets all one price of R500.
  • The international group Stomp is made up of  12 great performers who beat out with truck inner tubes, rubber hosing, Zippo lighters, plastic bags, metal dustbins, bin lids, tubs and even the kitchen sink!  They are showing at Monte Casino Theatre from 23 March to 25 April .
  • And The Boys in the Photograph will be showing from 18 May to 11 July at the Joburg Theatre. With lyrics by Andrew Lloyd Webber and authored by Ben Elton, the musical is set in Belfast, Ireland. It  looks at how the passion for soccer can help people lead a normal life in a divisive city and is obviously timed to co-incide with the 2010 World Cup.

Go to to book tickets.

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