But we don’t have any geese …. ?

The Peach Café at Camdeboo Farm

Peach Cafe Camdeboo Farm

If you want to escape Joburg  while never leaving it – try the Peach Café at Camdeboo farm. Tucked away in the middle of suburbia, a mere 3km from the mayhem of Fourways Mall and the frenetic concrete highway, is a rustic small holding with sheep and geese and, in season, peaches for the picking.  The first blossoms were just bursting when we were there for brunch. The Peach Café offers a small menu  with good wholesome food from the farm (with lots of sustenance for vegetarians) and great flat bread freshly baked in the pizza oven.e

It’s chilled and laid back with a real country feel.  (The service could do with being a little less laid back.) Don’t expect anything shishi or zhoozh (why do I have to choose words I really don’t know how to spell?) – it’s rustic, unpretentious and down to earth.  Described on its website as:

Wonderful farm experience in the middle of busy Joburg – rustic surrounds, gourmet food, delicious wood-fired pizza, seasonal peach picking and a farmstyle shop filled to the brim with preserves and homemade goodies.

Goose food is on the menu Source:
Goose food is on the menu Source:Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

When one of our party said ‘And you can even buy goose food’. Her husband looked at her in a bemused fashion and said “But we don’t have any geese.”  We explained gently it was to buy for the children to  feed the geese.  Fortunately, these assertive animals are safely but very noisily constrained behind fencing – no terrified toddlers being chased by squawking feathered monsters with flapping wings, out-stretched necks and snapping orange beaks.

 So for a chilled week-end brunch or lunch make your way there – and there is a play area for kids too.



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