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Books in library The largest second hand bookstore (078 360 7749) in the Southern hemisphere in inner city Jozi Posted on I'm a sucker for second hand bookshops, actually I'm a sucker for bookshops, period. But if you want a real… Read more Old PArk station Usually the train moves but with Park Station it’s been the building that moves Posted on Park Station then: and now … History of Park Station Johannesburg’s first railway station , commissioned by the Zuid Afrikaansche… Read more 3wisemen Wise words from 3 legendary 20th change makers Posted on Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Mandela Cowardice asks the question: Is it safe? Expediency asks the question: Is it politic?… Read more Uitvalgrond Johannesburg – the spaces ‘in between’ Posted on The space in-between or the uitvalgrond formed old Joburg city centre I found an interesting article by Bettina Malcomess on… Read more Delta & horses 7 Sept 2014 Do you know where Delta Park gets its name from? Posted on From grazing land to sewage works to recreational space: Delta Park Delta Park, 104 hectares of open park land, is… Read more in-a-different-time A South African page-turner; and it’s all true Posted on IN A DIFFERENT TIME BY PETER HARRIS If you want to read a gripping courtroom drama and get a sense of… Read more Craighall-Lake ‘Exhilarating air of peace and calmness’: Accommodation in Craighall Park Posted on HISTORY OF CRAIGHALL PARK ‘Craighall Park Township, which forms the northern boundary of the Johannesburg Municipality, is one of the… Read more Johannesburg layout 1886 Jozi’s Heritage: The Barbican Posted on THE BARBICAN BUILDING CNR PRESIDENT AND RISSIK STS 702 Talk Show host Jenny Crwys-Williams, had several conversations and interviews last… Read more lilian A little known memorial in Soweto Posted on The ‘house with the sewing machine’: Lilian Ngoyi’s house in Soweto Kim Miller, assistant professor of women’s studies and art… Read more
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