Chill out amongst the turbines this Friday night

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  • This week’s pick: Turbine Hall, Newtown. See Liz’s Post
  • Genre: Architectural heritage & underground dining
  • What: The completed Turbine Hall, with bells and whistles, is the finest example of both inner city regeneration and preservation. This architectural icon eclectically fuses the old and new. The mod industrial look, of today, is compatible with the finishes the forgotten landmark once had. The original steel and copper of Joburg’s first coal-fired power station have creatively been included in the contemporary sleek surfaces. The energy of our reviving city is immediately felt, from its modest exterior to the celebrated interior, and AngloGold Ashanti will fortunately ‘live’ this structural phenomenon. The company’s headquarters rest within the confines of the neglected power station, today a powerhouse.
  • FiftyTwo review:  In a nutshell FiftyTwo say: a touch of the Tate Modern, in style and offering. Moving on from the five-star design there’s silver service facilities, and honestly, hiring any of the available spaces would guarantee you ‘with-it’ status amongst many. Head underground to the champagne cellar or bar, dine at the private dining room or indulge at the Chef’s table. Amazingly each eatery can be privately hired and we think the ultimate wedding venue will beckon recognition. There’s talk of the bar opening its doors every Friday night – see you there. In the meanwhile the space opens irregularly to the public so look out for these affairs.
  • Tip: One night only, this Friday 28th May, Turbine Hall opens to us all. Round up a group of friends, be witness to superb entertainment, listen to jazz and eat amongst the turbines. Alternatively visit at your convenience – the structure, the gallery and much more, won’t disappoint.
  • Interesting fact: The site was left derelict and decaying. Turbine Hall and the boiler houses were invaded by squatters in 2001 and described as, “One of the harshest living spaces in Johannesburg where the filth alone could drive away the most incessant compassion.”
  • Where: 65 Ntemi Piliso Street, Newtown. GPS coordinates -26.203367 degrees south and 28.034900 degrees east
  • Book: Friday 28th May (19h00 for 19h30), R240pp, RSVP to Elza Smit – Tel: 011 575 4208, email:



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