Customer loyalty is all !

Why Liz at Lancaster? Guest feedback

A repeat guest who comes out with an international law delegation chooses to  stay here at Liz at Lancaster rather than with his colleagues at a 5 star hotel in Sandton. When he booked again I thanked him as always for his loyalty to us. His reply was:  ‘A familiar suite, comfortable bed, your wonderful underfloor heating … and you and your caring staff!: an oasis after 22 hours in the air!’   What a compliment, thank you Gordon.

Hotel or guesthouse: pros and cons

We then spoke further about the pros and cons of a good guesthouse as opposed to a 5 star hotel and these are some of things he came up with



What hotels offer that Liz at Lancaster  doesn’t   What Liz at Lancaster offers that offers  that hotels don’t
On–site bars Seclusion & privacy
Gyms and saunas Direct access to a garden environment
24 hour room service Fresh air: being able to choose to sleep with windows open
International chic decor of a chain hotel which is the same the world over and so entirely familiar and predictable Fully equipped kitchenettes allowing for light meals to be prepared ‘at home’
Business centres No buffet style breakfasts – cooked to order
Meeting rooms No long corridors and hotel noise
Waking up to bird calls in the morning
Watching the sunset beyond the pool area
Seeing the full moon rise at the back of the property
Access to informed  local knowledge rather than a concierge working on commission
Feeling a real sense of familiarity and return to a second home on repeat visits
Staff and management who really go the extra mile
Being able to jog in the neighbourhood and run in a nearby park
And with the most expensive unit ( a two-roomed cottage with a separate living/dining room) at a single rate of R1100 – all at a fraction of the cost of a 5 star hotel .


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