Don’t ever say ‘There is no good theatre in Joburg’

Richard III at the Market Theatre

RICHARD III at the Market Theatre is a  stunning contemporary production with 3 actors playing all the roles in Shakespeare’s play.  How they do it is beyond me – playing one role in a Shakespeare tragic drama is enough of a challenge. Excellent performances, very clever stage set,  and amazing use of over the top costumes.

Duchess of York
Edward IV
Edward IV









Make sure you read up on the plot first although there is a really useful and informative  programme available for the princely (no pun intended) sum of R10. Tickets when we went on a Tues night were R60. Where else can you get that kind of value for really good theatre?    But I must say time and place kept concertina-ing as the various royal family names were introduced – Lancaster, Clarence, Buckingham, York, Norfolk, Northumberland, Richmond,  … all street names in Craighall Park ! All we miss in the suburb is a  Gloucester and Tudor Ave!

Richard III is on until 24th April.

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