End of an era – good bye to the Velskoen Drive-In

Memories of a 10 year old: watching a silent horror movie all alone in a car

Part of the entertainment landscape in Joburg in the mid 20th Century was the Drive-In Cinema. Sadly the last one, the Velskoen Drive -In,  will disappear in a week or so.

Remember those days??
Remember those days??

I remember when I was about 10 or so my mother taking me to see what turned out to be quite a scary movie at the Joburg Drive-In  (an innocent error in judgement on her part).  So eager was she to remove her daughter from the stuff that nightmares are made of, that she drove off with the speaker still hooked onto the window of the car.

Rushing off to tell the projectionist what had happened, I was left for what seemed like an eternity, cowering alone in a dark car compulsively watching the now silent horror unfold.  Luckily, this was but one memory amongst much happier ones.

Sad that this era has now passed.

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