Exhibitions galore – catch them before they close at end of August

FADA Gallery UJ Bunting Rd Campus

Inna Joburg Photo Courtesy FADA
Inna Joburg. Photo: Courtesy FADA

There are several exciting exhibitions showing until the end of August. At the University of Johannesburg Bunting Road Campus is the VIAD FADA centre – a real mouthful when spelt out in full: Visual Identities in Art and Design Research Centre, part of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture.  And at the FADA gallery are two interesting installations which can be seen until 26th August.  In The Front Room Inna JoburgBritish-born writer-artist-curator Michael McMillan, who is of Caribbean migrant heritage, recreates an African-Caribbean family front room which looks at ways in which tradition, modernity, and creolised culture intersect.   Apart from speaking about how Black British identity is established in the 1970s, the installation also deals with public and private space, status and aspiration in what McMillan calls ‘impression management’.

Boat carrying first major wave of Caribbeans to England Photo Courtesy Huffington Post
Boat carrying first major wave of Caribbeans to England.  Photo: Courtesy Huffington Post

Running alongside Mcmillan’s installation is The Arrivants in which UK-based artist-designer-academic Christine Checinska investigates the relationship between culture, race and dress. The conceptual departure point for the work is the 1948 arrival of the Empire Windrush at London’s Tilbury Docks carrying some 500 Jamaican migrants –“colonial subjects invited by the government to assist in rebuilding post-war Britain – hoping to make a better life in the ‘Mother Country’.” The Empire Windrush’s arrival marked the first arrival in England  of large numbers of African-Caribbeans.




There is an upcoming  public programme with a public walkabout of The Front Room Inna Joburg and The Arrivants with Michael McMillan on 17 August at  17h30 for 18h00. On the 18 August at 18h00 is the screening of the BBC4 documentary video, Tales from the Front Room, followed by discussion with Michael McMillan. Both events take place at the FADA gallery on the Bunting Rd Campus in Auckland Park

You can also make a trip to several galleries along #ROAM #RosebankArtMile which  have exhibitions closing at the end of August. 

Gallery Momo

Andrew Tshabangu from the Bridge Series 1998
Andrew Tshabangu from the Bridge Series 1998



Showing at Gallery MOMO until 29/08 is a group exhibition including works by Ayana V Jackosn, Mary Sibande and Andre Thsabangu one of whose works is seen on the left.



Lizamore and Associates

Keith Dietrich’s one-man exhibition Fragile Histories, Fugitive Lizamore Lives [Justice and Injustice at the Cape 1700-1800] as well as a group print exhibition both show at Lizamore and Associates until 27/08.  For some time now, Dietrich has been working with folded paper, texts and photographs. Drawing on information from some 1,220 trials that took place between 1692 and 1802 in the Cape, Dietrich’s artist’s book and four photomontage triptychs comment on the harsh sentences meted out by the Dutch East India Company.

Artists participating in the group exhibition include: Grace Mmabatho Mokalapa, Bevan de Wet, Titia Ballot, Pebofatso Mokoena, Philip Mabote, Lekau Matsena and Michael Selekane.

In Toto

Gawie Joubert's 'Wondrously'
Gawie Joubert’s ‘Wondrously’


Showing at In Toto until  29/08 is Gawie Joubert in a one-man exhibition entitled Biophilia.  Authentic Thinkers is a group show of contemporary artists which runs at Priest Espresso Bar until 26 August.





Goodman Gallery

'Untitled' from 'The Roja' series
‘Untitled’ from ‘The Roja’ series


Showing at the Goodman Gallery from 20/08 until 14/09 is Shirin Neshat’s  Dreamers   Neshat is an Iranian-born artist and filmmaker living in New York. She has held major solo exhibitions in renowned international museums – such as the Tate, Serpentine, Guggenheim Bilbao & Whitney Museum of American Art. In this first solo exhibition on the African continent, she shows 2 new video installations Roja (2016) and Sarah (2016), including new photographs from the Roja series. As the title Dreamers suggests, the exhibition is based on aspects of the artist’s own dreams-  “I have been haunted by the power of dreams for years” says Neshat, “I am fascinated by how in a state of dream, the boundaries in between madness and sanity, reality and fiction, conscious and subconscious are blurred and broken” (2016).

Standard Bank Gallery

Matisse walkabouts
Matisse walkabouts


And of course don’t forget about those 2 most joyful of exhibitions : Matisse at the Standard Bank Gallery until 17th September.  There are regular walkabouts.



Wits Art Museum

There is a superb exhibition of Battiss’s work at Wits Art Museum until 9th October.

We have guests staying at Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse who are particularly interested in contemporary Southern African art so they are delighted with all that is on offer.

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