Famous guests at Liz at Lancaster

A celebrity in the house

Slikour with a star-struck Rose and Catherine
Slikour with a star-struck Rose and Catherine

I’m driving in the car listening to Talk Radio on 702 with Eusebius McKaiser. My favourite station .. and one of my favourite hosts.   The discussion is about rap … not my usual music interest… but I’m game for most things new. And then I hear a guest speaker whose voice I recognize … .  Huh?  How can this be?  I realize it’s Slikour. Only yesterday he had been enjoying a health breakfast in our breakfast patio.   A mild-mannered, gently spoken, low-key, contained  ‘young’ man.  (You know you’re getting old when you think a man in his mid -thirties is ‘young’!)  Until the beginning of this week,  I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard of Slikour (his celebrity name).  And then Catherine with great excitement and an awed whisper told me that we had a very famous person staying with us.  It was of course Slikour.   What a wonderfully unassuming self-effacing person.

Slikour’s rise to fame

Originally part of the hip-hop group Skwatta  Kamp, Slikour made it big when the group released their first album in 2002. They then gained further fame when they won 2 SAMA awards.  After they split up in 2006, Slikour went on to build a digital platform for the music industry.

From rapper to marketing entrepreneur

Slikour 2What happens if you are a brand marketer and you want to get an insight into a particular lifestyle?  Enter Slikour, who established a digital platform for urban youth culture. It provides a place for up-and-coming musicians to share videos, views and information about urban culture. In return, marketers gain insights into relevant markets. A win-win for all. In addition, SlikourOnLife is an on-line Store, which sells music, concert tickets, and merchandise.

Secret to success

I love Slikour’s simple philosophy on life:  “I try to keep it simple – don’t try to add too many spices to your life, your stomach gets into trouble.” I understand now why he is so grounded.

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