Feel the vibe at Vice in Craighall Park

Beat the Lockdown blues by taking in some sun and fresh air and having a change of scenery. Within walking distance of Liz at Lancaster, Vice is the ideal place to “feel the vibe”.  

Vice Coffeeshop Craighall Park


This small quirky coffee shop is an off-shoot of adjacent popular neighbourhood restaurant: Cnr Café.  Vice specializes in excellent Mexican coffee, a range of wonderful “elixirs” to give you vooma during the day and various energy boosting shots.


Try the Apple Cucumber Ginger and Mint juice; or a Coffee and Oat Smoothie (breakfast and coffee all in one); or an immune boosting Ginger, Lime, Turmeric, Black pepper shot. And if you want a midday meal try the slow cooked and pulled brisket Tortilla with coconut chutney.  

Kapha Dosha Bowl with granola, fresh fruit and flax seeds

Vice … despite its name … abounds with infused antioxidants, immune-boosting aids and soothing aromas. But forget all these healthy allures, the Mexican coffee is enough to get me there. 

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4 thoughts on “Feel the vibe at Vice in Craighall Park

  1. I visited Vice earlier today to have a sandwich and coffee at lunch time and was very disappointed. They told me I couldn’t have a simple cheese and tomato sandwich but could only give me a toasted cheese. The cappuccino was delicious, but the sandwich almost inedible. It seemed to be toasted and then fried in a pan as it was so dry and tasteless. I attach photo and tillslip so that you can follow up with your kitchen.
    Pat charad

  2. I am so sorry Pat. I have nothing to do with Vice. I own and run a guesthouse the area, close to Vice and I blog on places, people and events of interest in Joburg and Craighall Park. I can’t seem to see the photo and till slip. I can send you the owner/manager’s number should you wish.

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