Foxwood House local theatre

Foxwood House

  • Genre: Suburban Theatre
  • What: Hidden amongst the homes of Houghton stands an intimate theatre – Foxwood House. This space seats a small audience of 100 and its far-from-mainstream programmes include top shows, their drag performances are highly rated. This is the Cinema Nouveau of theatre. The owners, both involved in the artsy scene bought the home in 1989 and together set up this unusually cool theatrical homestead. Foxwood turned boutique not long after and has slowly transformed into an eight roomed guest house. The properties lush garden and secretive nooks define this as one of the most inviting residences to check into. There’s a colourful history linked to the house which has and continues to draw fame and talent to its gateway.
  • FiftyTwo review: This attentively maintained destination is no stranger to the passionate fogey, you might become a goer yourself – with ever changing line-ups and overly edgy shows this unique space is understated. Having staged shows for seven years Foxwood has recently identified its need to increase performances from once to thrice weekly. An awesome way to enjoy your Joburg weekends. Audiences are interesting and vary depending on what’s staged, the avant-garde, the aged, the gay – any appreciator of intimate theatre will traipse across the city. FiftyTwo highly appreciated taking wine into the theatre – this only added to the culture club air about it. The Cape Dutch inspired dining room is your perfect pre-dinner possie and the fairy-lit courtyard, a charming, post act hangout.
  • Tip: Book a table and dine out on a hearty homemade meal – there many Foxwood fables to be learnt and the inherited family furniture (Paul Kruger’s personal collection) is certainly worth taking a peek at.
  • Interesting fact: It is said that the first owner’s daughter, the glamorous Miss Oates (an Australian) was proposed to by Fred Astaire at Foxwood house. And as the story goes, whilst carried away in joyous dance, Astaire made an imprint on the wooden floor boards, which can still be seen today.
  • Where: 13 5th Street, Houghton
  • Book: Join their Theatre mailing list by emailing – or call 011 486 0935 to find out what’s currently on.

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