For a great travel experience take the train from Joburg to Cape Town

The Shosoloza Express between Johannesburg and Cape Town 

We have had a number of guests at Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse who travel by rail either from Cape Town or down to Cape town. A recent guest wrote  a review about the Shosholoza Premier Classe on Tripadvisor.

She writes of booking through an excellent 3rd party website which is good to know because so often it is difficult to get information and make bookings with South African para-statal organizations. She makes the point that the journey  was  a ‘step-back-in-time’ experience and I loved her mention of the ‘jolly train master, Mr William Winkworth’ who made her feel as though she ‘might be in the pages of an Enid Blyton novel’ .

We have so many unknown jewels in South Africa that we simply don’t know about or promote.

The Shosholoza Premier Classe (not the Economy) leaves from Johannesburg once a week on a Thursday,  and from Cape Town to Joburg on a Tuesday; takes 25 hours (if it runs on time); and costs R2650 single for a one-way ticket.

Please read SoozSolo’s review– it is wonderful and really underscores the idea of  making the journey part of the holiday as well as focusing on the journey and not simply the destination.  Too often, in our hurry to reach the journey’s end, we miss out on special moments in the present.

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