From beaded cloths to philanthropic travel

Stories about and encounters with our guests

One of the best things about running a guesthouse is all the interesting people we meet from all over the world.

Cultural Explorer

One such person is Pat Walker who runs Cultural Explorer. Pat, a remarkable woman with boundless energy and a wonderful sense of humour, runs tours to South Africa which focus on volunteer, cultural, or philanthropic travel experience.  She has designed exclusive excursions so that her travellers  get to see those parts of South Africa which are off the beaten track and often missed by “tourists”.  But she also works with local communities so that her travellers have the opportunity to have a real impact and make a difference where it really matters, often co-working on creative and cultural projects using their particular skills and expertise.

Inspiration from far-off designs

Pat wrote to me recently with a link to Tea Collection’s wonderful video.   Tea Collection is a brand of children’s clothing inspired by South African designs and fabrics.  Looking at the pezazzy little video link Pat sent me, I recognized the very brief clip of an image towards the end of the video – (shown here to the left).  It’s a detail of part of the Nceka, [pronounced ncheka] a beaded Shangaan cloth, that hangs in Liz at Lancaster’s lounge area.

For more on these cloths see

While Pat prepares to restart her Cultural Explorer tours again in 2014, she is busy fundraising for The Zulu Education and Empowerment Foundation

We look forward to welcoming Pat and her traveller’s  back to Liz at Lancaster when they return to South Africa.

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