Great new addition to the Maboneng Precinct

On Tuesday evening, I went to 10 years On Air – the collaborative Review exhibition of the On Air partnership: Marcus Neustatter and Stephen Hobbs. Unexpectedly, Marcus was there to give a walkabout which made viewing particularly enjoyable and accessible . It was really good to see their production over the last decade – much of which has been based in other countries.   Their projects have been very varied but all demonstrate their interest in collaborative work, performance and installation work, and making interventions in public spaces and buildings.

With most of their work being of an ephemeral nature, Neustatter and Hobbs use different mediums (video, slides, artefacts and everyday objects, drawings) to record and re-present their various projects.  These thought-provoking projects  have generated many beautiful visuals as in the Hand and Machine piece which contrasts and compares the different rural and urban Mali environments of Djenne the mud city (and World Heritage site),  and Bamako the capital.

10 years On Air  will be on for another 2 months but only by appointment.  It is showing in a great venue – a factory building at 281 Commissioner St (a block away from Arts On Main) and because much of their work is in the form of large scale video projections, the show is only on in the evenings after dark.


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