Hmmm …. Level 4 Lockdown – more draconian than Level 5?

Please don’t treat South African citizens like fools

You had us all on-side Mr President. Only yesterday I sung your praises. But then the Minister of Cooperative governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) announced the Level 4 Lockdown regulations due to come into effect tomorrow 1st May.  The reversal of the lifting of the ban on tobacco and the reasons given do not hold water. The contradictions and lack of reason are glaringly obvious. 

This infogram was released by Government: 

Infographic, credited to the WHO, was released by Government

Let me make very clear – I am not, nor have I ever been a smoker, and I HATE  it as a habit. BUT I don’t buy Government’s reasoning for a whole lot of reasons including

• It’s very common social and cultural practice for large portions of South Africa to take their hands to their faces when they eat – be it when eating sweets, sandwiches or pap and stew.

Along with toilet paper, two items in short supply in the “stock-piling” frenzy immediately pre-lockdown, was a shortage of flour (lots of bread-baking planned) and popcorn (the value of Netflix shares also rose dramatically!) Have you ever seen anybody eat popcorn without taking their hand to their mouth? 

• Any damage to smokers’ lungs has been done long before lock-down. So that’s a null and void argument.
• And the substance weed (the “zol” rolling reference) has nothing to do with tobacco – it’s illegal to sell weed under SA law!

The increase of illegal tobacco sales: Who benefits?

There is however a lot written in the public domain about illicit tobacco trade in South Africa (and neighbouring Zimbabwe) and its links to people both high up in government and of course to the murky underworld.  Jacque Pauws’ findings published in The President’s Keepers were deeply shocking. 

Illicit tobacco trade will profit massively with the continued ban on tobacco sales in Level 4 of Lockdown. 

Run! Run! As fast as you can … but only between 6 and 9 am

And as for exercise only between 6 and 9 am???   It didn’t take long for the memes to start! 



And a curfew between 8pm and 5am? How many people were out and about during these hours anyway?  It’s not as though there was anywhere to go.

No, Mr President – you yourself said that the nation has made great sacrifices and has undergone hugely difficult times, not least of all those who have lost all income with no safety net. Some of the Level 4 Lockdown regulations are unjustified infringements on personal liberties. 






















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3 thoughts on “Hmmm …. Level 4 Lockdown – more draconian than Level 5?

  1. I totally agree with you Liz. Our President is being dictated to and I am so very disappointed. From hero to puppet. Many people expressing the same thoughts. Cry the beloved country. So much suffering out there.

  2. Yoh I was mad this week!! I was literally shouting at my TV (I am of course a smoker, it sucks). So many things about the reasoning is insane

    When 21 days went to 35 a lot of us already ran out of cigarettes, but the black market was there and very buyont and most things at about 3 times the price, which seemed OK to get you through 2 more weeks

    *as for giving up, yes I want to do it, but this is literally The Worst time for giving up. Not to mention that the 1st 2 weeks of giving up you get quite physically ill and for about 1 month a really nasty cough, then obviously your mind.. . Generally I would like to give up after lockdown, when I feel like I have a sense of control and free will.

    Now, wow back to the black market. It is getting shady put there. Only available is Seriously disgusting brands you have never heard of – even Sharp (surely the woodbine of cigarettes) are gone. And then – worse than this, because they are SO few now, they are only sold as SINGLES (R10 per) which seriously undermines this BS about sharing cigarettes when they are all now sold loose in the black market Anyway!
    I didn’t buy, hoping maybe they come back next week, but that’s the truthful situation out there now… Also R200mil of tax lost from ban on cigarettes over 35 days – is basically the entire Tourism Relief fund budget :/

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