It might not be the Comrades but Bruce was there!

Delta Parkrun Saturdays at 8

Source: Liz at Lancaster
Source: Liz at Lancaster

With only 3 of us ‘on duty’ over a week-end at Liz at Lancaster, instead of the usual 4, I often miss the Parkrun in Delta Park on a Saturday morning.  It starts at 8 which usually clashes with breakfasts and preparing of invoices for check-out. I’m always sad when I do, as it’s one of my favourite weekly activities.  The field of some 1000 odd meet at the Delta Environmental Centre.  The runners collect at the front of the field.  And the walkers, dog–owners and parents with push chairs and young children, let them sprint ahead at the start.   All racing each other and themselves for the ever decreasing PB (personal best).   And off the rest of the field sets.  It’s glorious. No stress, no pressure – you can go with a friend and chat all the way, or use the time to have personal head space.   It’s only 5km – so very do-able. And when you have finished, your time and position in the field is recorded and emailed to you.  So if you want to set goals to improve on time, it’s very easy.   The volunteers are wonderful and deserve a big thank you.  And the park is lovely, particularly at the moment with the pink and white blush of autumn cosmos.

Parkrun SA started by Bruce Fordyce

Source: Parkrun
Source: Parkrun

The Parkrun (a world–wide initiative) was started in South Africa in 2011 by our very own running icon, Bruce Fordyce. And the first venue in South Africa was none other than Delta  Park.  So I was delighted when I went a couple of Saturdays ago to find that Bruce was given his 250 Milestone T Shirt for completing his 250th Parkrun at the very park where he ran his first in South Africa.  It made that morning all the more special.

To take part

And the best thing of all is it is completely free.  To take part, all a person needs to do is to log onto the parkrun website – – and register.  You will then be issued with a barcode which can then be used at any parkrun event, anywhere in the world.  If you don’t register, there is nothing to stop you taking part. It only means that your time and position in the field will not be recorded.

Thanks Bruce for your initiative which opens up our public spaces to us in such positive ways.

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