It’s a great time to come visit Joburg for a feast of good theatre

Good theatre currently showing in Joburg

Jozi has some great theatre and live shows at the moment.

  • Saw ‘Chilli Boy’ last week. An old play back for a re-run, but missed it last time around- very funny one-man comedy, amazing acting performance. Runs till 6th Nov.
  • Completely different was ‘The Girl with the Yellow Dress’ (again a re-run which first opened at the Grahamstown Festival in 2010) – powerful drama showing at the Market until 11th Dec.
  • Am looking forward to the ‘Kiss of the Spiderwoman’ – the 1st time this 1980s award winning Tony play has been performed in Joburg. On at theĀ  Joburg Theatre for a very short run from 26/10 to 6/11.

And guests from the UK staying at Liz at Lancaster couldn’t believe how cheap our theatre tickets are. The exhange rate helps, but we still offer excellent world class theatre and ridiculously reasonable rates.

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