Jeremy Taylor of the ‘Ag Pleeze Daddy’ fame is back in town

Foxwood House

A couple of weeks back I went with friends to a really fab venue:  Foxwood House in Fifth St Houghton .  Built in 1924  this historic home is a real period piece filled with much of the original furniture .  Run as a 5 star boutique hotel, there is a small theatre venue attached.

David Butler in Bosman’s A teacher in the Bushveld

We went to see David Butler performing as Herman Charles Bosman in  A teacher in the bushveld .  In 1926  Bosman was posted  to a small school in the Groot Marico by the Johannesburg Education Department.  His time there was to provide him with much of his material about life in the rural dorp.  Butler and writer/director Nicky Rebelo take the stories of Bosman’s famous characters (the postmaster Jurie Steyn, Ouma Engelbrecht and Oupa Bekker of the white ant saga) ,and transport their audience to the slow pace and times gone by of the small town farming community of the Marico bushveld.

Coming soon Jeremy Taylor

This weekend a new show comes to the Foxwood.  Jeremy Taylor is back in town. In his heyday Jeremy was well known in South Africa for his performances with the Tracey brothers in Wait a Minim and for his iconic satirical skits on white South African culture in the 1960s – the most famous being his ‘Ag Pleez Dedyy .. wone u tekk  us to the draav-un’ .

Call 011 486 0935  to book.

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