Joburgers: funny, friendly and engaging

Two great short BBC video clips on Joburg.  One uses diamond cutting in Joburg CBD ,  a day in Soweto and a hip young radio talk show host to give a sense of the contrasts and differing social and economic demographics of Joburg

While the other

looks at the regeneration of Braamfontein.

Not sure that I agree that businesses started leaving the city centre  at the dawn of  the democratic era post 1994. The gradual trickle northwards began with the deliberate policy of restricting parking facilities in the centre of Joburg, followed by the the introduction in the 1960s of the motorways. This in turn allowed easy access to the periphery and encouraged suburban developments with malls and office spaces, like Sandton City in the 1970s.  The move of the Civic Centre from the Joburg CBD to Braamfontein also in the 1970s  was a further blow to the vibrancy of the commercial and civic life of the inner city. But having said all this, the videos give a good sense of the fractured nature of Jozi living. Tough, brash, fast moving, even aggressive but exciting and as the script says :

Joburgers are funny, friendly and engaging! Makes for a vibrant and interesting city.

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