#Jozi Walks 2019


The month of May sees a couple of annual special events. One of them is the week-end of #JoziWalks when local Joziburgers host unique walking tours to discover different communities across the city. This year they are happening on the week-end of the 18th and 19th May. 

2019 saw 35 applications (a 30% increase on last year) from diverse neighbourhooods. Out of this 12 walks were chosen. Douglas Cohen of  Johannesburg Development Agency says:

“They are walks that offer Jozi residents unique experiences and are a fantastic way to discover a part of the city that you may never have explored.”


Soweto East

Last year I managed to get on a tour exploring the musical heritage of Soweto East. (See Blog) It’s so close to its very over-traded neighbour Vilakazi Street but much less known and so less visited. It offered  fascinating insights to a part of Soweto I have not visited often.  International guests staying with me at the time joined and they were astounded at people’s capacity to cope in adversity and the generosity of spirit. For more photos see photoblog.  

Saxophonist Jabu Dwai in Orlando East. Source: www.lizatlancaster.co.za

#BikesMustRise Diepsloot

Then it was a bike tour of Diepsloot with Lucky Nkali of #BikesMustRise.  I VERY generously lent my bike to a fellow Jozi-ite ! I chose to walk  as it was way too long since I’d ridden a bike with confidence and I wanted to be able to soak up the peoples and place … not just concentrate on #Not-Falling-Off. It was an excellent day. See  blog.  This tour is offered again this year as SlootDEtour. See no 1 under the 2019 list of #JoziWalks below.

Braids, Dreads, Chizkop – what will it be? Source: www.lizatlancaster.co.za

Booking #JoziWalks2019 

Tickets are free but prior booking will be essential for each walk, as space is limited. All information on the walks is on Jozi Walks Facebook and Instagram pages.

The 12 #JoziWalks2019

1) SlootDEtour/Bikers must ride with Black Bite Productions in Diepsloot.

Black Bite Productions’ Lucky Nkali shares his experience of how a bicycle in this community is more than just exercise and fun, it can mean life. The tour will offer guests a chance to experience Diepsloot on two wheels. 

I wasn’t the only one who chose to walk! #JoziWalks2018 #BikesMustRise Diepsloot. Source: www.lizatlancaster.co.za

2) Unknown History of Braamfontein Cemetery with Friends of Johannesburg Cemeteries in Braamfontein. 

This tour lead by Flo Bird and Sarah Welham will take Jozi residents through the Braamfontein Cemetery to uncover the city’s oldest cemetery, its heritage and visit the graves of heroic figures. 
 3) International Nurses Month with Sehonghong Sa Thuto NGO in Dube, Soweto. 

Cheche D. Selepe will take visitors on a tour of Dube and Orlando West heritage sites to celebrate retired nurses and their role in the community. 

4) Meeting Hillbrow: Hillbrow Youth Tours with Outreach Foundation in Hillbrow. 

Lesley Mosweu will take walkers on a journey through Joburg’s iconic Hillbrow to discover the history and stories from this dynamic neighbourhood. 

5) Braam Comedy Walking Tour with Story Nation in Braamfontein. 

Suzanne du Toit will take comedy fans on a walk that shines the spotlight on the history of local stand-up comedy. Walkers will take in six pit-stops and will enjoy a comedic take on the history of comedy in Braamfontein. 

Alexandra Heritage Centre. Source: JoburgHeritagePortal

6) Sports, heritage and culture walk with Maboneng Township Arts Experience in Maboneng. 

Harry Nakeng will lead this engaging walk through one of Joburg’s iconic townships, Alexandra. Walkers will take in the Alex Shopping Centre, Creative District and end in the Alex Heritage Precinct. 

7) Fun walk through the fashion district with the Fashion District Institute in Maboneng Precinct. 

Rees Mann will help Jozi residents discover the bustling Fashion District. The walk will highlight daily activities and the diverse cultures within the district. Walkers can expect music, art and a fashion show. 

For more on Sheshwe See our Blog. Source: www.lizatlancaster.co.za

8) Johannesburg Literary District with Bridge Books in the Joburg CBD. 

Griffin Shea will take walkers on a tour that explores the Joburg Literary District between Fox and Albertina Sisulu Streets. The tour will include a stop at the Rand Club to see the James Findlay Collections, the Pedestrian Market on Commissioner Street and the Library Gardens. 

It’s a treat to have access to James Findlay’s historic collection of books, pictures and posters. Went on a recent tour of the Rand Club with Brett McDougall of  Joburg Heritage  Fascinating and highly recommended. Source: www.lizatlancaster.co.za

9) Noordgesig ‘Historical’ Arts Alive with Exaltation Women’s Projects in Pennyville and Noordgesig. 

This walk led by Norma Naude will focus on arts and food, allowing walkers to see the raw local talent and also take you on a journey to explore historical sites and heroes from within the community. 

10) In-touch Transect Walk with In-touch Youth Development in Orange Farm.

This walk led by Phumla Lurhayi will explore the newly invaded informal settlement, the railway line that is surrounded by cattle as well as various dance performances. 

11) Woman on Fire with Miz. Buttons in Hillbrow and Constitution Hill. 

This walk led by Mbali Mdluli will take walkers on a tour of Hillbrow, Constitution Hill and Newtown to discover the public art that focuses on women and is dedicated to women. The tour will showcase the history behind the rich public art in the area.  

Dumile Feni’s “History: 2003, Constitution Hill. Source: www.lizatlancaster.co.za

12) La Rochelle and Talk with Art My Jozi in Turffontein. 

This walk led by Lungile Mabizela will highlight the history of the area’s fashion, food and transportation dating back to the 1800s. 

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