Kisses and Hisses for local restaurants

Restaurants close to Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

Guesthouses and nearby restaurants have an obvious synergy. So I try to keep up with the changing face of the local restaurant landscape. I like to refer my guests to good local eateries and don’t expect anything in return –  just want my guests to have a great meal and a good experience.

XXX’s for Ami Restaurant down the road from Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse.

Completely unsolicited Monty phoned me this week out of the blue and said ‘We’d like you to come and join us for dinner one evening’. Now that’s good business practice.  Thank you – I’d love to.

Hisses for Cilantro, Parkhurst

Just reviewed Cilantro Parkhurst on .  When I checked previous  reviews on the site it seems that others have found a problem with Cilantro’s uncompromising attitude.   This is the review I posted :

‘Mine is not a review of food and service but of poor attitude and quite rude treatment.  I run a guest house in the neighbouring suburb and keep an information file for guests of ‘local is lekker’ eateries. Passing Cilantro this morning I popped in, introduced myself explaining that I have a guest house and asked for a menu to make copies for my rooms. Was summarily dismissed with ‘we don’t give out menus’.  I asked why not and was told it was the owner’s policy. Somewhat taken aback, I said that I thought this was a bit short-sighted as I simply wanted to pass on business (no strings attached or commission).  He walked off saying over his shoulder that Cilantro should be judged on its food and service. I took the cell number of the owner, Jeff Miller, but having later phoned at an inconvenient time, I decided I would email him to find you why it was policy not to give out menus given that it is to a guesthouse owner who was going to send business his way. In Googling for an email address for Cilantro and Jeff Miller, you can imagine my surprise when I came across an entry for Cilantro on Dining-Out with .. hey presto .. a menu (last updated  July 2009). Would it have been so difficult for the Cilantro representative to be gracious, thank me for referring on business, refer me to the Dining Out website (if he knew of it), and if he didn’t, then simply take my number and say that the owner would phone me. Serious hisses for unnecessary rudeness and a lack of generosity of spirit.   

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