Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

FiftyTwo:25  This week’s pick: Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve
Genre: Outdoor trails and reserve
What: With 680 ha of open bush and 23 km’s of trails this Nature Reserve comes as a surprise to most Joburg dwellers. Rated the largest reserve in the Johannesburg Metropol, Klipriviersberg is overflowing with archaeological, cultural, historical and geological attractions. Home to red hartebeest, black wildebeest and other game species, you won’t believe it till you see it.
FiftyTwo review: Knowing you were in city traffic ten minutes before arriving at this wonderland is quite incredible. Your mental shift should be noted, the moment you walk through the reserve gates you’re immersed in bushveld and on the lookout for zebra – Joburg becomes a distant memory. FiftyTwo will no longer wish for the Tokai forest, this hidden eco-land is bigger and better. It’s almost a shame its land lies unexplored – summerscapes might be more appealing to the eye and could hide flood litter but the fresh air and soaring birds make this place a top FiftyTwo pick.
Interesting fact: Over 170 species of birds have been identified in the reserve, including the rare Fairy Flycatcher and Orange River Francolin.
Where:  Use the “Silent Pool” entrance (Frandaph Drive, Mondeor), click here for a map – and have a look at their website for more info (www.knra.co.za)
Book:  No bookings necessary – guided walks take place on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. You’ll get quite a lot out of the walks, they’re informative and interesting. Bird walks come recommended, rock up on the third Saturday of each month and get ready to kick start early in the morn.

Thanks as always to adrian@52.co.za for the suggestion and info.

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