A busyness of eateries

22 within 6 blocks in Linden … now that’s a busyness of eateries

Along with being a delightfully retro neighbourhood, if it’s a choice of eateries that you want – then Linden is the place which rivals even 4th Ave Parkhurst. A friend of mine who lives in the suburb said to me recently, that he had counted 22 eateries within 3 blocks of where he lives. And to prove it he sent me a list which I have expanded with further details of contact numbers, etc. One’s really spoilt for choice with many café style eateries, which serve bistro style food, often open during the day only. And then there are specialist restaurants including Mexican, Indian, Italian, French, Chinese and of course sushi. Most have outdoor spaces and some are even set in a garden (Paputzi’s).  German guests staying here at Liz at Lancaster  returned to Johannesburg for a visit after living here for several years.  When based here they lived in Linden and so returned to see their old stamping ground. They were amazed at the plethora of restaurants in the area.  Check  Zomato for restaurant menus, reviews and ratings. 

Layout of eateries between 5th & 3rd Aves & 6th & 9th Sts, Linden
Layout of eateries between 5th & 3rd Aves & 6th & 9th Sts, Linden


















See the numbers on the schematic map (above) for locations:

1. Paputzi’s – garden restaurant serving lunch – 69, 4th Avenue between 6th and 7th Street 011 782 9393 Breakfast and lunch only closed Sundays.
2. Catz Pajamas – garden restaurant in a little enclave with a tiny nursery and antiques shop. Pizzas and burgers.Directly opposite Paputzis 68 4th Ave Breakfast and Lunch only 082 7997301 Fully licensed
3. Crafters and Cravings 4th Ave, Johannesburg 011 888 7175 Offers takeaways & known for its harvest tables and high teas.
4. Argentinian – c/r 4th Avenue and 7th street. A bakery and coffee shop 011 888 9759 Breakfast and lunch only
5. The Whippet – the opposite corner – trendy breakfast, lunch and coffee shop serving the film community of Linden 011 782 7310 Breakfast & lunch only; Wine and beer; takeaways available

Decor in Ritual Cafe (Photo: Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse)
Decor in Ritual Cafe (Photo: Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse)

6. Ritual Café – nice restaurant serving a variety of food in the same row 079 5733989 32.  61 4th Ave Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner; No licence so BYO (which is always a win); Chef Sean offers dishes for serious foodies. Look out for seasonal specials like venison curry with figs. Lots of vegetarian options.
7. Hashi – fusion sushi, and seafood – Japanese orientated – shares a kitchen with El Jalapeno 32 7th St Lunch and dinner;
8. El Jalapeño – Mexican restaurant next to A La Bouffe 32 7th St 888 0330 Fully licenced Takeaway available
9. Fully licenced A La Bouffe – French restaurant on 32, 7th street just to the west of 4th Avenue 061 499 8872; 011 888 8004. Lunch and dinner. Wine and beer. Authentic French flair, with a menu featuring staples like frog’s legs, onion soup and pastries.
10. Bikaner – Indian restaurant just below the Whippet 011 912 7770.Licenced; Lunch & dinner 37 4th Ave & 7th St
11. Satori – well established family Italian restaurant on 4th Avenue between 7th and 8th Streets 011 888 7452 Lunch and dinner. Offer takeaway and have a wine menu

Brian Lara Rum Eatery recently opened
Brian Lara Rum Eatery recently opened (Photo: Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse)

12. Brian Lara Carribean Rum Café on 4th between 7th and 8th Sts Apparently their rum and coke cocktail is completely delicious (from some young partygoer guests!) 
13. Choo Choo Junction – brand new restaurant serving a variety of food close to the corner of 4th Avenue and 8th Street 57 4th Ave 072 910 3000 Full bar plus takeaway and they are open evenings
14. Gravity Café – garden terrace on 51 4th Avenue (just opposite the Spar) serving breakfast and lunches 011 888 3810 071 8712103. Fully licensed
15. Li Kou Fou – good Chinese restaurant on the Spar centre car park 38 4th Ave.  Lunch and Dinner; 011 888 6723
16. Picola Italian – basic Italian restaurant on the Spar centre car park. Lunch and dinner
17. Pron – Chinese noodle restaurant amidst the enclave of restaurants on 7th St (no 69) 011 782 1736;Takeaways available; wine menu; Lunch and dinner only. Brainchild of Emma Chen – of Red Chamber fame – who experiments here with street-style Chinese food.

Rosto on 7th St
Rosto on 7th St (Photo: Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse)
Excellent coffee at the Fat Zebra & fab salads
Excellent coffee and fab salads at the Fat Zebra (Photo: Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse)







18. Rosto – Italian street food focussing on rotisseried chicken dishes 011 888 0369 licensed next to Fat Zebra on 7th Street
19. Fat Zebra – (a real favourite) – nice bistro style restaurant. 71 7th St 082 469 5757 Salads, tapas café style; Fully licensed; Breakfast and lunch only; GREAT coffee 

Amazing choice of local cheeses which you can taste before buying; small cafe next door
Amazing choice of local cheeses which you can taste before buying; small cafe next door (Photo: Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse)

20. Cheese Gourmet – on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 7th Street – probably Johannesburg’s best cheese shop with an adjacent café 011 8885384 breakfast and lunch only ; not licensed; Banting friendly excellent locally-sourced charcuterie, pickles
21. Craft Beer Library – tiny restaurants serving food and craft beer on 57, 3rd Avenue close to the corner with 6th Street. 071 177 9531 Lunch and supper
22. Yield Coffee Bar – on 64 6th street close to 3rd Avenue 082 427 1001 Breakfast and lunch Try the signature speciality, a swart skaap, or indulge in Lindt hot chocolate.

So the really challenging part is making the choice. Thanks David for the list!

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