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Guests love our noticeboard with all its local information.  Liz’s current Pick of the Week mentions two art exhibitions.  Brett Murray has a large sculpture exhibition showing at Circa/Everard Read on Keyes Art Mile.  At Goodman Gallery, the entire gallery has been turned into a surreal night time beach space. There’s beach sand on the floor and lounger chairs for viewers to watch Mikhael Subotksy’s complex 45 minute 3 screen video installation.

Centre for the Less Good Idea

Bottom left of the noticeboard Liz has included the programme for William Kentridge’s amazing new initiative in Maboneng. Who could resist the name: the Centre for the Less Good Idea?   For 5 days from 1st– 5th March a whole programme of events is/was on offer: performance, dance, theatre and video pieces.  These have been put on by 60 practitioners from a range of disciplines. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the first season. The second season is due in October.  One of the most exciting cultural initiatives this city has seen in years.

NoticeboardHD Live screenings of international productions

And what about the wonderful HD live screenings at Cinema Nouveau?  How do you choose from:

  • the NY Met Operas
  • the Bolshoi Ballet
  • National Theatre Live
  • amazing international art exhibitions

Liz has compiled a programme for all these screenings with dates and times – also up on the noticeboard. There’s at least one a week through until mid-year.


Local restaurant recommendations

11 06 Nov Possums & amarcord cropped

And guests tried our suggestion for local eating last night– Possums at Burnsides.  Great food and they loved the outdoor ambience with candles and fountains.  And of course Amacord in Blairgowrie is famous for its northern Italian fare.

The Blue Man Group ( a previous Pick of the Week)  has been extended until the 18th March at Monte Casino.  How does one describe this show? Rock concert? drumming extravaganza? technologically compelling? comedy? theatre? mime? (not a word is spoken); a riot of colour and sound? a lot of fun all delivered with a huge amount of skill? It’s fabulous – well worth seeing.

And don’t forget ….

… the news on the red-collared barbet – now nesting in the log in the camphor tree in Liz at Lancaster‘s driveway.


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