Lunar eclipse Wednesday evening 15th June

Lunar eclipse 15 June 2011

Remember there’s a total lunar eclipse on Wednesday 15th June. It starts at 8:22pm, is total from 9:21 pm to 11:02pm, and ends at 00:02am. It will be visible from all of Africa, although north-west Africa misses the start. You don’t need any special equipment to watch this. The next total lunar eclipse will be at a slightly warmer time of the year but it’s a long wait – Sept 28th 2015 – and it’s at 3am . . .

It is always wonderful watching the moon rise at Liz at Lancaster. Many guests enjoy sleeping with their curtains open … but only in summer when it’s such a treat to have warm balmy fresh air instead of air-conditioning. ¬†And when it’s full moon, these guests always comment on the extraordinary sky and night light. Our clear night skies are glorious.

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