Moonlit Night Market at Maboneng Friday 22nd

Maboneng Precinct: POPArt, a moonlit market and new eateries to try

Magician’s show at POPart

4 18 April Full Moon Maboneng
Liz at Lancaster‘s Pick of the Week: Night Market at Arts on Main 22nd April

What marvels, miracles and wizardy I had the pleasure of experiencing yesterday – I went with a friend and her grandchildren to Stuart Lightbody’s matinee magic show Devilish at POPart (a small independent theatre venue in the 12 Decades Hotel in Maboneng ) …. And what magic it was.  Apart from tea appearing out of thin air in a tea pot and then suddenly materializing (without being poured) in a tea cup on the other side of the table, all acts were with cards.  What skilled sleight of hand! And Stuart also has the most engaging and appealing stage presence. It was a complete delight – an escapist hour of incredulity and suspension of disbelief for adults and kids alike.   Sadly as always at POPart, the run is short with only 4 performances – but he will return next year so do keep an eye out.

Night Market 22nd April Liz’s Pick of the Week

But that’s not really why I’m writing this post. Thursday 21st April is full moon. So with all sorts of things in alignment … the warm weather, the clear highveld skies AND the night market at Maboneng , grab the opportunity to make the most of the open air decks and street life in Maboneng this Friday.  This is Liz at Lancaster’s Pick of the Week.

Two new eateries: Soul Souvlaki and Café Stuff

2016 Soul Souvlaki

Roof deck Soul Souvlaki
Roof deck Soul Souvlaki Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse
Roof Deck Cafe Stuff
Roof Deck Cafe Stuff Liz at Lancaster Guesthouse

Maboneng is constantly expanding with lots of new street stalls and eateries opening. Yesterday people were enjoying the warm autumnal afternoon weather on the upstairs decks both at Soul Souvlaki  (as its name suggests – great Greek fare) and on the next block at Café Stuff
(Maverick Corner – Albrecht and Commissioner Street). Café stuff Cafe stuff Hot dogsspecializes in hot dogs …. but these are no ordinary hot dogs.  Here they fill a  fresh hot dog roll with a foot long sausage which is wrapped in creamy nacho cheese and bacon. How decadent does that sound?


Enjoy a delicious Thali meal

Another new kid on the block (also at Maverick Corner) is Thali, a family run Indian restaurant. Thali (which is the Hindi word for plate… a large metal platter or more traditionally a large banana leaf) offers all the different tastes of sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy in one single platter. A typical Thali meal includes small dishes of rice, dal, vegetables, curries, pickles and spicy sauces, curd, roti and pappadum and of course something sweet to finish off. No knives and forks –  you use the rotie and rice to mop up the sauces, curries and dahls …. and it is delicious.

Pata Pata pumps

Pata Pata


When we left the theatre at around 4.30, tables at Pata Pata were full but the music hadn’t started yet. But it wouldn’t be long  ….  !!

Maboneng really jumps over week-end nights.

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