Neighbourhood restaurants near Liz at Lancaster


  • A sign of the times that the restaurants at the end of the block have all closed down,  BUT ….. there are 2 excellent restaurants very nearby: Cnr Café  011 880-2244  and a half blocks away 
  • Pronto 011 447 4346 in the Colony Centre 5 and a half blocks away.  

Cnr Cafe is closed on a Monday and Pronto on a Monday. But Giles which is also a great vibey pub – is open on Mondays  011 442-4056.  While Liz at Lancaster can do suppers on request and given a day’s warning, if you are staying for an extended length of time The Market Place nearby does excellent home-cooked pre-packed frozen meals.  Liz can always buy in for you should you wish.

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